Sunday, October 7, 2012


Well, just as I thought, nobody had ever checked, or would ever check, this dead blogs of ours! hahah and out of sheer curiosity, i did venture into other class blogs kept my our batchmates. And guess what, their posts dated somewhere near 2009. the better few managed to sustain posts up till 2010. Buts till, the average lifespan of hwachong class blogs was observed to be a mere 2 years. hahaha, I'm glad our blog had been kept alive till mid 2010 or somethingt? Cuz I remember viewing it at work in July 2010 and seeing people tagging our tagboard! (:

I'm the only one updating in year 2012! (which I don't think would be the last year for everyone on planet Earth because the mayan calendar is screwed i guess) hooray to me LOL!

Oh yes, despite how active I am on facebook and in the blogosphere I'm not really a fan of new social meida. i still havent gotten myself a twitter account! 

If you happen to view this in 2013 out of curiosity, or nostalgia, do remember to leave a message!

Sicheng orange hahaha


Sunday, September 30, 2012


Isn't twitter and facebook the new blog these days? People tend to post their thoughts and life events on other social media platfrms rather than blogs. which is why BLOGS ARE DEAD NOWADAYS. haha guess what, the last update we ever had in our class blog was 2 years ago!

and from what ive come to notice, everybody's blogs are either (i) deleted and purged or (ii) locked as a private electronic diary.

SO SICHENG ORANGE IS HERE TO REVIVE OUR CLASS BLOG! *gently takes moist cloth to wipe away layers upon layers of dust gathered*

Alright I can guarantee that NOBODY would ever bother visiting our class blog given how everyone's so caught up with facebook hahahaha. so im kinda writing to no one but myself.

But, should you be really really bored in cyberspace or miss 08s62 really really alot, do write something for our class blog (:


Friday, October 1, 2010


Hihi! So Sicheng asked me to post something cute here. Here goes.

But you know, just saying 'cute', I don't exactly know what to put.. Let's see.

OHOH This is cute right! Chopper's sure-kill technique!
Who watches one piece!? -waves-

Uh. Aaaand

OHH So cute right!? My hammie. :DDD
(Stop staring at his butt I know he's balding there)

..Sigh. I'm losing my touch.

loves, Desmond.

(Yeah right.)


Tuesday, July 13, 2010


heyheyhey 08S62!!!!!!! Well, Sicheng's here to perform CPR on this blog. yep so let's all revive this dead blog!

For something lively, I'll just share extremely hilarious jokes which I collated from a variety of magazines(: LOVE THE JOKE SECTION!

scene: Christmas gift exchange. every child gets the name of another child to exchange gifts.
mum: hey, you got Christopher's name for Christmas!
child(looking concerned): So...will everyone start calling me Christopher from now onwards?

as seen on label: Safety ladder-use at your own risk.

man looking desperately for parking space: Oh please, God just give me a parking place and I promise to be faithful to my wife from today onwards!!!!!!
Parking lot miraculously appears.
man: oh God, nevermind, I already found it.

"I used to hit the snooze button the alarm clock every morning, until I decided to put a mousetrap beside it."

" life sucks. Last month I just lent my friend $50000 for plastic surgery, and the problem is, I totally have no idea how he looks like now"

person A: When I grow up I'll be a doctor to save the lives of my fellow men.
person B: When I grow up I'll be a lawyer to protect the legal rights of my fellow men".
person C: When I grow up I'll be a baker to make nice pastries for my fellow men."
person D: Oh....then when I grow up I'd better be one of the fellow men.

boss: Didn't you tell me you were off yesterday because you had to see your dentist? Then how come I saw you watching a movie with your girlfriend?
employee: Yeah what, my girlfriend is a dentist what!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

{ Where haz everyone gone!? }




Saturday, October 24, 2009

{ more photos }


{ photos }


Thursday, August 20, 2009

{ jiayuan the chameleon }

jiayuan is a chameleon. D:<



Tuesday, August 4, 2009

{ toblerone }

cooling the toblerone.



Monday, June 22, 2009

{ love story }

a certain love story.

he caught his attention. d:

i wonder what happened next thou. o:



Friday, May 15, 2009


Decided to spice up the blog a little here, we will start with this picture.
On first look it looks plain innocent, but we see 3 different people here. We have a Han Yushi who is kunning. I tried to take her photo but the owner of the hand you see has successfully blocked most of Yushi's face. What a pity.
The second person comes in place here, the hand belongs to Liauw Wanling. I suspect she is also not paying attention to the maths lesson also as she has noticed me trying to take a photo of Yushi. Hence because she has noticed me, she is not focused enough on the lesson. Hor hor.
So we move on to the last person. Ive always reserved the best for the last. Now look at the expression on Chong Jiayuan's face! Its highly enigmatic. Using my genius-like deduction skills, i can conclude 3 things.

  1. The classroom is smelly. Someone has farted ( probably Yushi ) so she is holding her nose.
  2. She is eating something! Trying to cover it up with a vague cough or something.
  3. She is smiling to herself but doesnt want anyone to notice.

Enough of crapping, I shall " get back " at Yushi for posting my unglam photos! Now This is Yushi's EZ link card, cool right! Never knew she looked so innocent back then, but now.... haiz.

Yuo see a picture here of Yushi eating during lessson! How naughy! And note that im not a stalker so Im not taking the photo for other reasons. but Look under the table and you a packet of chips!


Sunday, April 12, 2009

{ dayanyong }

since justina requested on the tagboard.. :D
haha hokay, i just wna put cause i found all these in my folder.

PS: I am NOT a stalker.



Thursday, April 9, 2009

{ STJ }

yesterday STJ was fun :D but then some lady got pissed at our large group, she started taking video or photos of us. so i stared back at her, and told everyone to look at her. and i saw her eyes shy away like some coward. then she left in a jiffy. we all wished her a loud goodbye. some no lifer. maybe we're a little noisy, but i think the reminder for us to quieten down was enough. the place is so tiny, there's so many of us, of cos when we all talk together we'll be loud, then ask us to all eat in silence?


Monday, April 6, 2009

{ mooha :D }

economics tutorial
nap time.

and OHMYGOSH i found this reaaaally old photo,
who is that cool boy with that cool pose standing cool-ly at central plaza?!?

i took this all the way up from the 4th floor.
thank you phone camera.



Thursday, April 2, 2009

{ ♥ }

today shall be about ghey-boy-mond. again.

future mum.

if you look closely, it's actually about his hello kitty watch
and not his expression.
but then again, it doesn't really matter, does it.

poor poor poor poor dayan. ):

i like the last one best thou. >:



Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Theres nth to blog about so ive thrown in a load of my random photos, here are my collections of classroom photos, after stalking classrooms for quite some time ><

Even more strange and rdm ones....

We finally end off with little tidbits of our beloved classmates, including Mr and mrs 08s62

Ps, no offence intended to anyone, thanks.

By Desmond liew the great genius, once a genius, always a genius

oh bonus pic here


Saturday, March 14, 2009

{ moohaha }

ugh. sorry random.
but then you know, everyone looks good with my bag pls.





Saturday, February 28, 2009

{ skuu }

again, the blog is srsly in need of photos.

the green hippo followed desmond whre ever he went.

and desmond too couldnt let go of him even during econs
(last lesson of the day)


we exchanged specs,

and he wore the hairband.

scene just before econs test.
wanling 倒 1st,
then justina.
then jiayuan.
hahaha jiayuan srsly has the i-give-up feel.